Art 1 Final Exam

1. Do you feel that this range and choice encouraged you to grow as an artist? Please explain how it did, if not, explain how it in.

     Yes, I think options are required for any form of art, since art requires individualism.  Someone cannot be creative without room for variety. In my past art classes, along with most classes, projects were very specific in what they wanted, what it should look like, and how it should be done.  Art is supposed to be creative and free, but how can one be free if they have to follow very strict guidelines?  In this art class I really felt as though I was able to take a small requirement, and have the rest of the project be my own creation.  It was also interesting to see what other people created and to get to see a variety in work, which normally isnt possible.  Also, if there was an option for a medium or idea that I wasn't familiar or comfortable with, I was able to do something else, which greatly eased the stress of this art class. But at the same time, having options encouraged me to try something new, since I was able to actually do something else.  I didn't feel limited in expressing myself, which I think is a big component in art.  I loved having this "open art room" experience, and definitely think it should be continued in every class, including art.

2. Medium- which medium did you most enjoy working with and why? Which medium did you not use but wish you had?

     I think my favourite medium was oil pastel.  I used it for the color project.  It was a new experience to not worry about detail, and to just throw a ton of random colors in to my artwork instead of just the color of what I was drawing.  It was fun to blend the colors and see how it looked with all of the abstract colors.  I think it was also the best medium for what I was actually drawing, since it made the sky look very realistic. I would have liked to have gotten to use chalk pastel, the spheres we drew as an intro to chalk pastel turned out pretty well, and I wouldve liked to have gotten more familiar with chalk.  I think that black chalk pastel could have been a better medium for my sculpture project, and I wish I had thought to use that instead of pencil.

3.Regardless of whether a project was successful or not, describe the one where you learned, grew, or developed most from?
     My least successful project, but one of the most fun ones I did, was the portrait project.  I only wish I had worked more diligently, or had more time, and been able to finish it. I was really looking to not draw or paint yet another project, since I cannot draw or paint for the life of me, and Ms.Sudkamp gave me a wonderful alternative.  I cut out paper in a range relating to their color in an actual picture, then put the cut-out paper pieces together until they formed the picture.  Well, they started to form a picture, but I was unable to finish doing this.  But doing this gave me a better idea of how shades are in shapes, and how you can use those shapes to form a picture.  It was also a great alternative to drawing or painting, but still created the picture pretty well.  I now know I could use this process in any other project where I am drawing a picture, and it made the process of drawing much less daunting, since it was all broken down in to shapes.  It was a great way to break down drawing in to just shapes, which I had never thought of before.

4. Chose a place or artwork where the subject matter reflects you as an artist. One that you have a personal connection to. 

     The project that reflected me most was my perspective piece. I did a stage, from the performers point of view.  I am a performer, so I spend a lot of time on a stage for rehearsals and performances.  Most people never see how a theatre looks from the stage, so I think it was an original idea that relates to me much more than drawing it from the audiences perspective.  I am in theatre, and I am a dancer, so I am on a stage at least weekly, from anywhere to a small class-performance, to a 3-hour show, so I have become very familiar with how the audience looks.  I wanted to show the lights beaming down on the stage a little more, but I wasnt sure how to show light coming down. I also would have liked to show a bit more of the stage, rather than just the apron, and maybe shown part of the curtains.  But I am overall happy with my piece, and I think it expresses me and what I do very well. 

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