Thursday, June 5, 2014

Land Art

Emma, Hannah, and I all wove flowers and various plants in to a tiara for our Land Art Project.

When did you step back and analyze you work during this project? 
After nearly every flower placement, Emma&Hannah had to stop and be sure it wasnt going to fall off and bring the whole thing down with it.  We ended having to stop and completely start over with a new tiara at one point because the other one was so destroyed. Some flowers and leaves had to be replaced since they were falling down, which took some time.

Did you consider how ideas would work before you tried them?
Emma had originally tried to create the circle (the foundation of the tiara) from a different branch of some kind of plant (sorry I know nothing at all about plants..) and tie them together with a hair tie.  This quickly failed, and we used thicker, longer weeds as the base for the crown.  We ended up having to both wrap my hair around that base and stick the flowers around my ears to get them all to stay in place.  

Did you find inspiration from another artist or culture?
I do not know where Emma came up with the idea of a flower crown, I suspect she just knew she had roses/flowers in her yard and had seen the idea somewhere.

Did you use technology as a tool?
Except to take pictures, the only non-naturey thing we used were the hair ties and the flower cutter scissors that Emma used to cut off weeds/flowers from their plants.
Did you participate as an art community member?
Being the model there was not much I was able to do except be poked with plants...but I was able to catch all of the flowers that fell and do my best to not be stabbed with the thorns.  I helped to keep the crown from sliding completely off and helped adjust the flowers when necessary.

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