Thursday, May 8, 2014


Michael Smith, shibori, living and dyes his art in Asheville, NC.

ruanna and 2 layer skirt

Michael Smith makes shibori here in NC, and hand-dyes each of his pieces.  Each of his pieces are made one-at-a-time and are one-of-a-kid.  As far as technique, he uses the 5 basic techniques for shibori.  The first, Miura Shibori, which involves looped binding, which keeps more dye out of the cloth. This effect creates softer patterns.  The second technique, Arashi Shibori, where the cloth is wrapped around a 4-meter pole and then dyed.  The third technique, Kumo, is known as "spider-web shibori".  Nui Shibori, involves the fabric being sewn in to the pattern before dying.  The fifth and final basic technique is Suji Shibori.  The fabric is folded over a rope core before being bound and tied.  

His art is made for retail, and is available on Etsy.  He makes each of pieces individually, and can make the pieces in either silk or cotton.  He has worked under the names of Three Wishes, Chaos, and Mystic Eye, and is now working on getting his works more well-known.  I picked Michael Smith because of the beautiful bright colors in his works.  His designs are all intricate and eye-catching.  He also works right here in NC, making his work more locally known.  

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