Tuesday, April 29, 2014



I was given the idea of--instead of traditional drawing--cutting out paper to form a picture.  I started by tracing the general shapes of the original photo (#2) by the shade of the shape.  The picture was converted in to 4 different shades and I then traced the shapes formed and numbered them.  The final product looked like the picture combined by a series of shapes (#1).  I then would cut the piece of white paper out shape by shape and by what number it was cut out construction paper of the exact shape. Color 1 was the pale pink color used to show the lightest parts of the picture, like skin.  Color 2 was a light purple, and color 3 was a dark purple.  Color 4 was black which was the background, and showed the darkest parts of the picture, like my black glasses.  I wasnt able to finish this project, but it was starting to look like the original picture!  Picture #3 shows how far I got.  It was great to get an introduction in to using the shades of a color to make shapes to form a bigger picture.  It was a new technique,and I was glad to learn some way of recreating a picture without paint/drawing.  I had cut out shapes to form a picture before, but never thought of tracing an actual picture and creating shapes like this.  I chose the picture (#2) because it is one of my favourite pictures of my best friend and I after a concert we went to.  I would have liked to have been able to finish this project, but I am glad to have at least learned the technique and gotten an idea how to execute it and recreate a picture in a new way.

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