Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Art History

Megan, Hannah, Judith, and I all chose John's 3 Flags to recreate.

The piece is classified as pre-pop art and was designed to defy traditional art.  In the past, art had always been very realistic and traditional, and did not have a creative element to them.  John's 3-flags has 3 canvases stacked on top of each other, each smaller than the latter.  Traditional flags had 48 stars (at this time) but John's flags have a total of 84 stars visible.  We chose pop art because it would be more modern, with bright colors and easy to recreate ideas, rather than old paintings, with backgrounds and objects that would be harder to recreate.

We all worked on taping the cardboard together in to the shape it needed to be--a large rectangle.  Rather than 3 canvases, we tried to just create the illusion of them being stacked, while being 2-D.  After taping, we took turns helping to draw the lines for the stripes, and Megan labeled the colors they would be.  We all painted the blue section first (on all the flags) then let that dry over night.  The next day we finished drawing the outline for the flags and drew some more stripes on.  Then we all--Well,Judith wasnt here most days, but contributed while she was here--painted the stripes that were labeled.  We moved along down the flag, drawing more stripes when necessary.  When we got towards the bottom of the flags, Hannah and I finished painting the stripes while Megan painted the shadow of the flags and the stars.

While we were doing this project, someone came up with the idea that we should have instead painted the whole canvas with the red and white stripes, then painted ourselves to be the stars.  If we were to do this project again, I probably wouldve wanted to follow through with that idea.  It would have been a more humorous way to incorporate people in to the painting.

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